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Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Pinky Blush

Today's fashion theme  is "Pinky Blush". Our friend, Moy, was so feminine wearing her gray long dress and mixed it with pink inner and shawl.This time Moy didn't wear too many accessories. She chose to modify her pinky shawl uniquely. Her shawl was modified with stack up some of small pleated at the right part of her shawl. The small pleated part made her look so cute and it wasn't monotone even though the clothes was plain.

The line that was bounded become a ribbon in her two shoulders which made her dress more cute. The only accessories that Moy picked was a pinky bracelet stone around her left hand and a black watch in the right side. 

Tips from us : if you dont have any patterned shawl that match with the clothes, you can modify your shawl , like Moy did. Ah, the last thing, most of the girls bring a bag or wallet, right?  We suggest you to wear a bag or wallet with the same colour with clothes or  pants or accessories, or it'll look match well :)

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