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Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

Tofu Heaven in Warung Talaga

Tired  and hungry. We decided to go to a small restaurant that has a special menu. Tofu (tahu). The restaurant always use tofu in almost their menu. They change a tofu, our traditional food, into a delicious taste and creative look. This restaurant is  Warung Talaga. The restaurant offers traditional food in the menu. Warung Talaga is presented by Yun Sen Tofu, which is very well-known since 1938 in Bandung. 

We ordered some meals and beverages.  I ordered “Cihu” and Soy Milk. The “cihu” is very spicy for me and succesfully made me cry. Hahaha...Eating “Cihu” was like riding rollercoaster.  Savira also ordered a spicy tofu, it is “ tahu peureum beunta ”. She ate it with rice.  “tahu peureum beunta” really made our eyes blinked often because of it very spicy taste. It’s also super crispy.  Moy ordered “tahu bletok”, which was not spicy. The sauce was soy sauce. It’s also delicious.

As usual, we give a point to our we are....

Tahu Peureum Beunta 8,5 ponts

Tahu Bletok 8,5 points
(by the way....this is mouthwatering :P)

Cihu 8 points

The place is unique, ethnic, and traditional. Go to here was like going back to year 1980's for me.  You can find a rare stuff which was popular in that year 1980's or long before the year 1980,  for example  the plate (like you saw in the picture). It's made from tin. Too bad i didn't take the picture of the restaurant (forgot),  i also didn't bring my SLR (because went to here was unplanned), so i used  camera on my phone. I am sorry the picture is not maximum.  By the way, maybe you can visit its web ini here to see more menu.

Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Afternoon in Kedai Mie Dago

While Moy was busy with her work, Savira and I  went  to  “Kedai Mie Dago” which is located in Jl. IR. H. Juanda No 209.  Its special menu is noodle.  Savira and I ordered same meals, fried kwetiaw (fried rice noodle). But we ordered different beverages. I ordered Tape Juice which is actually this one made from fermented cassava. 

Tape (ta-peh)  is a fermented food, it can be made from cassava or black sticky rice or glutinous rice.  What i drank is fermented cassava. Its traditional name is “Peuyeum”. I think in the menu should be written Peuyeum Juice not Tape Juice.  The Juice was very delicious. It will bring back your childhood memories (if you're born in Bandung or staying in the city since childhood).

While i ordered Tape Juice, Savira ordered Orange Juice. But the Orange Juice  is too sour.  After all  we give point for the beverages.

Tape Juice : 9,5 points.
Orange Juice : 6 points.
Left to right : Tape Juice, Orange Juice

How about our meal? Well, i guess the fried kwetiaw was delicious, but Savira (who is a kwetiaw lover) said that it’s not as delicious as another fried kwetiaw in another restaurants. But then we decide points for the fried kwetiaw. It's 8 points.

Fried Rice Noodles

The location of the restaurant is strategic, near a traditional market. The place is pretty nice. Their serving time is average.  You can go to this place with your friends or family or client. 

The Interior

Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Pinky Blush

Today's fashion theme  is "Pinky Blush". Our friend, Moy, was so feminine wearing her gray long dress and mixed it with pink inner and shawl.This time Moy didn't wear too many accessories. She chose to modify her pinky shawl uniquely. Her shawl was modified with stack up some of small pleated at the right part of her shawl. The small pleated part made her look so cute and it wasn't monotone even though the clothes was plain.

The line that was bounded become a ribbon in her two shoulders which made her dress more cute. The only accessories that Moy picked was a pinky bracelet stone around her left hand and a black watch in the right side. 

Tips from us : if you dont have any patterned shawl that match with the clothes, you can modify your shawl , like Moy did. Ah, the last thing, most of the girls bring a bag or wallet, right?  We suggest you to wear a bag or wallet with the same colour with clothes or  pants or accessories, or it'll look match well :)

Summer Collection on progress...

Hi, we are going to release our summer collection. We are working, just wait and see :)

Kahitna Band at Hijab Fest

The performance of Kahitna Band (sorry for the blur :( )

Cantik..Ingin rasa hati berbisik..Untuk melepas keresahan dirimu
Cantik..Bukan ku ingin mengganggumu..Tapi apa arti merindu..Selalu..

The lyrics sounds  familiar  isn't it? (Especially for Indonesian). Yup, that song titled "Cantik" sang by the everlasting band, Kahitna.

Kahitna is the band that originally from Bandung. They sang that song at the closing ceremony  of  the Hijab Festival Bandung several days ago.

Last tuesday until friday (12th-15th june 2012), there was an event. It is  Indonesian Hijab Festival 2012 in Sabuga Bandung. Of course! Celly, Savira and Moy didn't want to miss it.  Hahaha....

Celly and Savira focused in a fancy stuff like clothes, scarf, brooch, etc on previous post, and I attend the concert in the last day. The performance of Kathitna was so stunning!

All the Kahitna's fans are called "soulmate" and they're screaming so loud when Hedi Yunus, Carlo Saba, and Mario came from the backstage. Although their performance wasn't complete because the absent of the Yovie Widianto, their pianist, Kahitna was still stunning the audience who was dominated by the girl.

The three vocalist of Kahitna Band were so attractive and communicative with the audiences. Hot moment came up  when Carlo Saba pulled one of  the fans to the stage while singging "tak sebebas merpati" and she was hugged by all the vocalist. Suddenly all the soulmate was screaming out lout because they were envy....verrrrryyyyy. The lucky girl was came from Palembang and she's preparing for continuing her master degree in Bandung. How lucky she was? (we're sooo envious tooo :P)

 The Lucky Girl

That night, Kahitna was sang "Cerita Cinta", "Mantan Terindah", "Soulmate", "Untukku", "Katakan Saja", "Merenda Kasih", "Aku, Dirimu, Dirinya", and "Takkan Terganti:. I bet all the audiences was running out of energy since we sang all the song from the start. Let's say, karaoke with Kahitna Band...Lol.

 Carlo Saba

Well, Kahitna's performance was succesfully closing the Hijab Festival 2012 with a such athmosphere. But, eventhough the festival was over, we're still must the spirit doing hijab and make over own fashion right? Keep the spirit and do more creation girls! :)